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Published Date November 05, 2014  Last Date to Apply December 05, 2014 

The details are as follows-


CAFRAL is a research institution set up by the Reserve Bank of India. Our focus is on the areas of banking and finance. Within these broad areas, our interests include financial institutions, financial markets, behavioural finance, corporate finance, household finance and related areas of macro-finance such as monetary economics or international finance. CAFRAL aims to build intellectual capacity in these areas through its own internal hires, by hosting researchers of international repute, and facilitating collaborative research by building data resources and analytical capabilities. We invite applications for five research associate positions. The selected candidates –

  • Will assist and work with CAFRAL researchers and research visitors on projects. The output will be articles that inform policy and papers targeted for publication at quality finance and economics journals.
  • Will assist in putting together the data resources and assist with the relevant analytical statistical and econometric tools necessary to execute the research projects.
  • Over time, transition to writing research and policy articles of appropriate quality. 

Research associates can expect a vibrant research environment, exposure to issues of policy and academic interest, and the chance to work with interesting datasets, mathematical and statistical toolkits used to address them. They will interact with senior faculty and scholars from top ranked universities and research institutions in the world.

Applicants should have completed 3-year undergraduate degree plus one extra year of post-graduate studies or 4 year integrated courses such as B.Tech or B.E. before joining. We seek candidates with quantitative- oriented degrees in economics, finance, or statistical sciences or those with expertise in computer or data science or engineering plus well documented interest in areas of CAFRAL’s mission. Programming skills or ability to acquire them are necessary.

Strong motivation is critical. Our work environment gives you many opportunities to learn and participate in research. Candidates should be enthusiastic about our core areas of research and also be capable of benefitting from what we do in these areas.

Our program best suits individuals who have been in college relatively recently and wish to move on to pursue PhDs in banking, finance or related fields in economics, or to positions in government research institutions, or financial institutions that require a quantitative and analytic orientation.

Not required.

Date of Joining
Joining dates in 4Q 2014 or January 2015 are preferred. For those who are in full time college or post graduate programs, summer 2015 joining dates are acceptable.

Selected candidates will be offered contracts of up to two years with some chance of renewal for a third year. Current compensation is about INR 6 lakhs + bonus per year.
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