Program on Financial Frauds & Financial Crimes : Prevention, Detection and Investigation

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 to Thursday, January 30, 2020
Rendezvous, Hotel Taj Mahal, Colaba, Mumbai

Program Objective

Incidences of Financial Frauds (FF) in large loan accounts with huge financial loss implications have sharply risen in recent times. Digital & cyber frauds are also on the rise with increased use of technology. Fraudulent transactions in deposit and loan accounts with characteristics of financial crime (FC) can have PMLA implications. Banks and financial institutions, therefore, need to put in place enterprise wide FF & FC risk management framework for mitigation and prevention. Mitigation and prevention capacity is enhanced through an organizational culture built around robust standards of compliance, conduct and ethics. Early detection and quick reporting of FC & FF are imperatives to minimize potential losses including regulatory penalties. Post detection, the fraud/crime needs to be investigated quickly and comprehensively to identify the control failures and uncover the trails, gather evidences, trace the funds/assets and achieve financial resolution. Forensic Audit (FA) helps accomplish these multiple goals. Participants will be exposed to these topics and aspects, including on issues in the intersections, through classroom lectures, case studies, panel discussions and experience sharing.

Program Highlights

Key topics/aspects to be covered in the Program are: 

·         Overview of FC and FF

·         Culture, Ethics and Compliance: Three Pillars of Prevention and Mitigation

·         Fraud Detection and Reporting – Regulatory Expectations

·         Corporate Loan Accounts – Use of Early Warning Systems & Red Flagging

·         Payment System Frauds - Types, Modus operandi and Prevention

·         Mitigating Trade Based Money Laundering Risks

·         Cyber Frauds – Prevention and Risk Management

·         Transaction Monitoring  -  Use of Analytics and Technological Tools

·         Forensic Audit – Basic Approaches and Tools

Participants Profile

Senior officials working in the areas fraud monitoring , Vigilance, Operational Risk Management, Fraud Risk Management, Financial Crime Risk Management, Enterprise Risk management, Internal Audit and Compliance in banks and NBFCs

Rs. 40,000/- + @18% GST. If an Institution nominates more than 4 participants, a nomination fee of Rs.30,000/- + @18% GST. would apply.

Address N/A Timing 09:00 AM

Program Conditions

· Program fee is payable before the program.
· Nomination may be cancelled up to seven working days before the program.
· Organisation may depute another officer for the program, if the nominated officer cannot attend the program.
· Program fee will not be refunded, if the nomination is cancelled within seven days of the program.

Contact Details

Pramod Kumar Panda

Senior Program Director

+91-22-2657 1044/+91-9130014460




For nominations related query, please contact program officer

Anup Sonawane


+91-22-2657 1030/+91-9930764425


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