CAFRAL – CEEI Financial Sector Leadership Program

February 05, 2024
Forum & Capitol, Taj President, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
  • Group Photo
  • Jyoti Kumar Pandey, Senior Program Director, CAFRAL
  • Indrani Banerjee, Additional Director, CAFRAL
  • Jayant Kumar Dash, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India
  • Prof. Rajnish Dass, Academic Director, CEEI
  • Dr. D P Rath, Former Principal Adviser, Department of Economic and Policy Research, Reserve Bank of India
  • Dr. Debjani Roy Choudhury, Program Director, CEEI
  • Ashwini Kumar Tewari, Managing Director, State Bank of India
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • Program Participants
  • R. Lakshmi Kanth Rao, Chief General Manager-in-Charge, Department of Regulation, Reserve Bank of India
  • L-R: Indrani Banerjee, Additional Director, CAFRAL, Prabir Jha Founder & CEO, Prabir Jha People Advisory and Seema Shendye, Principal, Talent Strategy and Solutions, CEEI
  • Prof. P.D. Jose, IIM Bangalore
  • Prof. Ramya Ranganathan, Visiting Faculty, CEEI
  • Group Photo
  • Jo Paulson, Senior Assessment Advisor, CEEI,
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