CAFRAL Virtual Learning Program on Platform Economy, Technology and Finance

Learning Event,
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Online CISCO WebEx - Virtual Learning Program
• Emerging leaders in banks, financial institutions and NBFCs with good understanding of technology, economics and finance. • Senior Officers looking after strategy, digital transformation, fintech collaboration should also attend


A Platform Economy (PE), also known as digital platform economy (DPE), has been evolving for quite some time. A platform or a Platform Technology (PT) which is actually a group of technologies  used as a base or infrastructure upon which other applications, technologies or processes are developed for the end-users, operates, among others, through the application of big data, new algorithms and cloud computing, much of which  is facilitated by BigTechs. In the financial system,   FinTechs emerged to provide financial services leveraging on big data, new algorithms and cloud computing, among others. FinTechs closely associated with PTs, in many ways, are playing an increasingly powerful role in a range of economic and data centric activities and have made inroads into the financial services space including financial intermediation. Often, they themselves could be platforms. In many cases, the embedded service providers (ESPs) including banks have started using PTs.  ESPs are also collaborating with FinTechs in order to strengthen their traditional business models and make their current business processes more customer centric. Regardless, the Platforms, BigTechs, FinTechs and open banking have led to increasing ‘unbundling of banking.’

We are thus witnessing the emergence of a platform financial system which is part of the larger financial system. This platform financial system is potentially reinforcing the PE and in turn getting reinforced by the PE in which incumbent businesses are being challenged by challenger entities.


This half day program is for the emerging leaders in the financial sector to enhance their learning about this transformational development in a holistic manner. The participants will listen to and interact with thought leaders from the academia, technology space and financial sector. The objective of this program is to equip the participants with the basics as well as the deeper dimensions of these developments, with particular reference to financial intermediation and regulation.

Program Highlights:

Following topics/issues will be discussed in the program:

  • Digital Platform Economy (DPE) – Defining features, genesis and evolving shape
  • New Frontiers of Finance – How Platform Finance (PF) has been shaping and being shaped by the DPE
  • Platform Technology (PT) and Platform of Platforms - How they are shaping the DPE and PF
  • Bigtechs, FinTechs and Open Banking – Shape of financial intermediation in coming years

Program Description
Address N/A Timing 9:45 AM - 1:30 PM
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